The Car

Ford Ranger
Our Ranger. Testing out the bike storage situation.

After working out what type of van we would live in, we researched suitable cars that could tow it.  In the end we opted for a Ford Ranger XLT.

To be honest, Craig did all of the research while I just came along for the test drives.  There are a heap of features on this car that you discover when you plan to fit it out for a cross country adventure.

An example is a snorkel is almost redundant if you are doing water crossings less than 800mm, as the diff breathers are positioned at that height!  We still got one added though more as a filter for the dust than anything.

Ford Ranger
Image Credit: Ford Ranger brochure, Ford Australia


If you are considering a Ford Ranger for your trip, I will coax all of the worthwhile techo information from Craig and add it to this page.  He’s not really a blogging kinda guy.


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