Towers and the Ville


This caravan park felt like a resort! With tropical landscaped pools, potted plants in the amenities and great facilities. We met a family who were camped near us straight away. Truth be told, the guy was admiring Craig’s fat boy bike prior to saving us from backing the van into a pole. Surprise, surprise our saviour does triathlons and was a little happy about having a test ride on the Fat Boy. You triathletes are fricken everywhere!

They are a nice family from Townsville with a son around Xavier’s age. They came to Charters Towers to have a weekend away and go to the drive in. Yep, a Drive In! We couldn’t miss the opportunity to give the kids a taste of our childhood so we tagged along. The kids were stoked they could rug up in the back seat ‘without wearing seat belts!’ Xav particularly thought it was ‘old school cool’.  An outdoor cinema listening through the speakers. Amelie also liked having the option of going to sleep if she wanted to. Not that either of them did fall asleep! Which meant we couldn’t hang out for the second movie which wasn’t PG. No doubt you’re itching to know what we saw. Superman Vs Batman. It was better than the reviews led us to believe. Probably didn’t matter what was playing the novelty of the drive in outweighed any acting deficits.

Our full day here was a Sunday. Not so great for touring the town as many things were closed. I loved that the library was once an old pub, and many of the buildings were quite architecturally pretty. So back to camp where the kids had a great time riding bikes, playing on the walking talkies and mucking around in the pool. We planned an antipasto dinner together up on Towers Hill Lookout, watched a beautiful sunset and listened to an old timers stories and video about the Ghosts of Gold, the history of Charters Towers.

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There is plenty to see and do here in Charters Towers, and while we didn’t do too much, it was nice to meet a great family. Both our families were heading to Townsville and we planned to catch up in their home town.


TvilleWe arrive in Townsville and I’ve made plans to catch up with an ex military friend, while Craig and the kids cycle around the Strand with our new found friends. I really enjoyed my catch up and four hours chatting at Longboards just flew by. There is just something about old military friends that’s easy. It might be that we all lived and breathed the same supportive environment and you relate to each other no matter how long it’s been.

Meanwhile Craig and the kids went for bike ride with the Father and son we met in Charters Towers to tour the sights along The Strand and surrounds. We spent a bit of time here taking advantage of the urban setting and picking up some items to complete our camp set up.

A trip to Magnetic Island was a must.  We hired a retro, yellow, mini moke. The kids loved it and so did we.  I kind of imagined how much fun this Island would be if you were a young backpacker who’s sole agenda was to have as much fun as possible.  Xavier seriously loved it, he was working out how he could actually buy one when he gets his licence.  The sad thing is that it’s getting harder to source parts to repair the Mokes when needed and there are only a handful left on the island.

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We decided to do the Fort walk first up to beat the heat as it was turning into a hot and muggy day.  You’ve got to admire the diggers of old, who would have busted their butts to get all of the concrete, water and building supplies up that hill.  The conditions would have been crappy at times, but I’d bet they had the best fun!

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We visited all the bays, made our own swings, followed the red-tailed black cockatoos and had lunch in the pub. Yay!

Our new friends invited us to their house for our last night in town.  Indian food, a few drinks, great conversation while the kids got a Minecraft fix was a great way to end our stay here in Townsville.

I can’t end this post, without mentioning the caravan park we stayed at.  The thing that was unique about this place was the country music that was piped through the amenities block 24hrs a day!  The lyrics were hilarious!  The last memorable one was  “money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you a boat.”  I know a few people who would agree with that!  My version of happiness, is this trip with the ones I love most.  Even with all the fights and farts!  Wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

2 thoughts on “Towers and the Ville

  1. Maria you’re a champion !! We are really enjoying living vicariously through your blog, especially seeing everyone having such a ball. Love you all heaps, stay safe xxxx
    PS. Weather permitting, this time in 2 weeks, we’ll be on our way. I need “blog lessons”…… Lots of love from the Rapscallion mob xxx


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